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Is Group Family Counseling, Child or Behavioral Counseling a fit for You?

Families form the nucleus of most children's relationship and growth within the world, clear communication, mutual respect, and a desire to have a more emotionally rewarding relationship are just a few of the reasons parents most often seek out family counselors in Duluth. We specialize in helping families develop solutions to build more rewarding bonds and relationships.

Family Therapy is right for you if:

  • You feel your child begin to withdraw or display anger and grief during or after a divorce

  • You’re are in the midst of blending a new family and conflicts develop between children coming together from different households, or one or more children displays signs of withdrawal from family interaction.

  • There is a struggle with ADHD symptoms, extreme outbursts, or tantrums.

  • You have recently adopted or shared with your child that they are adopted and your child seems, distant, disconnected, angry or struggles with feelings of sadness, or betrayal.

  • You feel like your relationship has become distant or you feel you are facing continuous conflict and simmering anger within your family.

  • You notice ongoing symptoms of depression or anxiousness in your child's daily life.
  • Situations often arise that seem out of place or aberrant from the way family interactions and dynamics used to occur.

How Duluth Family Counseling Can Help Your Family.

Family counseling in Duluth helps children, parents, and families build effective communication, healthier relationships, and closer bonds.

Family counseling provides the following:

  • Improved family satisfaction and happiness through open dialogue and communication

  • Improved feeling of family connectedness and strengthening of interpersonal bonds

  • Fosters emotional security and well being of children within the family unit

  • Provides a way to smooth the transition during family changes or shifts

  • Empowers you and your child to talk about uncomfortable subjects and feelings

  • Helps to build an emotional bond and personal connection

  • Works to provide a greater sense of belonging and shared family experience

Dr. Beyer has helped families in Duluth for over 20 years, build strong, healthy, and meaningful relationships. That foster positive adolescent and adult outcomes for children and their families.

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