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Marriage counseling in duluth

Jonathan Beyer, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

duluth marriage counseling

Do you need Marriage Counseling or Couples Counseling?

Counseling can help revitalize your relationship, and rekindle connections you might otherwise lose. Please consider giving us a call if:

  • You’re facing trust or infidelity issues

  • You regularly fight about the same things but never seem to reach a resolution on them

  • You regularly struggle to communicate with your partner effectively

  • You find you and your partner avoid challenging conversations

  • You have started to feel you and your partner no longer fit, you feel like you don’t connect anymore, or you feel like you are always trying to give and connect, but never receive any emotional or physical reciprocity from your partner.

The most common catalysts for marriage counseling needs in Duluth.

Every relationship is different, and so are the resolutions. However several common struggles couples most often face, tend to be the primary drivers of relationship struggles. Often these areas can be can have many other indirect effects on the health of your relationship both physically and emotionally. The primary drivers are most often:

  • Financial challenges, concerns, or arguments over money, or spending habits

  • Lack of communication

  • Large life changes and transitions

  • Disagreements or concerns about parenting

  • “Out of the blue” Emotional or physical changes

  • Avoidance

  • Irresponsible behavior

Couples in Duluth and around the world face extremely difficult relationship challenges everyday. Relationship and marriage challenges are a regular occurrence. Seeking help from a marriage counselor, means you and your partner are not willing to let a temporary crisis come between your emotional and physical bond and well being. We help couples work towards having those seemingly impossible conversations to resolve underlying issues and build a stronger marriage or relationship.

Dr. Beyer has helped many couples work through and resolve their troubling issues.

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