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Dr. Beyer has been providing psychological evaluations in Duluth for over 25 years.  If you need a pre-employment or a return to work evaluation, or believe you suffer from an attention disorder, then call to schedule your comprehensive psychological evaluation.


Parental Capacity Evaluations 

If you are a parent working with social services in St. Louis or the surrounding counties, you may require a parental capacity evaluation. These evaluations help determine the course of action the county may take in regards to the best interests of your child. The thought of the potential effects of a parental capacity evaluation, often engenders a large amount of stress and worry. Dr. Beyer specializes in ensuring his parental capacity evaluation is transparent and tailored to each individual's unique circumstances, helping to reduce stress and improve parental cooperation.

Individual Evaluations 

Dr. Beyer also conducts psychological evaluations in Duluth for those that believe they have a learning disability or cannot perform to their expectations at school, suspect they have dyslexia or believe they are developing dementia.  Contact our office if you are going through a divorce and you have been ordered to complete a psychological evaluation, are considering filing for Social Security Disability, are planning to undergo a bariatric surgery, or the Court has ordered you to do so.


Rule 25 Assessments 

He is also and experienced Rule 25 assessor in Duluth, who has been helping those suffering from chemical dependency get the treatment they desperately need. As a rule 25 assessor Dr. Beyer works hard to help ensure those who need it, get the funding they require to enter programs that can help them address the roots of their substance abuse. Helping to build more healthful individuals and communities. As a rule 25 assessor in Duluth Dr. Beyer extensively works with the 6th judicial district in the area of substance abuse.


Forensic Psychological Evaluations 

Dr. Beyer also specializes in forensic examinations whether for a Rule 20.01, 20.02, 20.04 or commitment.His work with the 6th judicial district also includes extensive forensic psychological evaluations, which help both lawyers, and the courts understand the unique psychological state of the individual through a battery of tests, questions, and other forms of quantitative and qualitative data. Dr. Beyer’s expertise in forensic psychological evaluations has been called upon often in Duluth and the surrounding counties. If you need a forensic psychological evaluation in Duluth or one of the surrounding communities, please contact Dr. Beyer today.


Dr. Beyer can also perform anger management or risk assessments if you have been involved in issues at work, school or charged with domestic assault.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to consult with us about your evaluation needs. Call (218-722-4880) to talk with us today to discuss your evaluation options. 


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