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Dr. Beyer has 30 years of experience conducting psychological evaluations. Experience that matters when the outcome you need depends on a thorough assessment and understanding of the dynamics at play. We do not depend on psychological interns or clinical supervisors to oversee such an important aspect of the treatment process. Dr. Beyer is licensed to do so and has the competency to conduct these evaluations.

Psychological evaluations are designed to be a thorough process of assessment and screening administered by a psychologist and should not be confused with a diagnostic assessment. It is important that you find a competent clinical psychologist to conduct your evaluation at a reasonable cost; a psychologist that you feel comfortable with and has the experience you need. The psychological evaluation is designed to help the psychologist, with your assistance, form a diagnosis and treatment plan for your situation or mental health condition.

Dr. Beyer has nearly 20 years conducting forensic psychology including Rule 20.01, 20.02, and 20.04 (i.e., competency to stand trial and criminal responsibility). He has also worked closely with several of the Minnesota District Courts to conduct examinations for commitment and certification.

Courts also order psychological evaluations for other purposes for juvenile and adults alike. These include for purposes of placement, to better understand the defendant’s treatment needs, or determine their level of overall functioning. Courts will order parental capacity evaluations to help social services in their efforts at family reunification. He has conducted psychosexual evaluations for the county or private attorneys involved in the case to help identify the appropriate treatment for the offender.

Courts are not the only referring agent for psychological evaluations. Through the years, Dr. Beyer has helped the Social Security Administration, numerous county social services, private institutions, attorneys, and individual parties complete their assessment with the use of a psychological evaluation.

He has helped identify learning disabilities to aid students and families to obtain the educational services they need from their respective school district, has helped individuals to establish their disability and emotional impairment, has worked with parents involved with child protective services, to help determine a candidate’s fitness for duty, to determine if an individual meets criteria to receive county services (i.e., developmental disability), domestic violence, risk assessment, and for purposes of pre-employment.

There are many reasons that patients undergo a psychological evaluation. Whatever the reason you find yourself reading this webpage and needing a psychological evaluation, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Beyer if you have specific questions about the reason for your referral. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the evaluation.