Doctor Beyer

Dr. Beyer has been helping individuals and families as a psychologist in the Duluth area for over 30 years and has been a licensed psychologist in Minnesota since 1992.

After receiving his licensing he spent nearly a decade helping at-risk youth, and their families, with behavioral and emotional challenges. Dr. Beyer started his career as a psychologist with Northwood Children’s Services, an organization founded in 1883 and dedicated to serving the psychological needs of at-risk youth. He started his career with Northwood Children’s Services as a therapist and soon became the clinical director, introducing a variety of beneficial developments, including their 35-day evaluation unit program. From the start, he found helping children achieve more fulfilling and healthful relationships with those around them through psychology to be one of the most rewarding parts of his time at Northwood Children’s Services.

With his specialized knowledge gained from his time as a clinical director, he would go on to help a number of other children’s service organizations further their mission of helping children achieve more healthful and rewarding relationships. Including Woodland Hills of Duluth, where he helped them obtain their mental health certification allowing them to better address the psychological needs of youth in the Duluth area, and later became the clinical director. He then went on to become the Gilfillan Treatment Center clinical director where he worked with adolescents, and their families to address issues of substance abuse, as well as those suffering from emotional and behavioral disorders.

As a substance abuse psychologist, youth counselor, and clinical director, he ran the Gilfillan 35-day evaluation unit and served as part of the executive team at Gilfillan.

Dr. Beyer sought out a masters degree from the University of Wisconsin Superior in counseling with a focus on chemical dependency counseling, so he could better address the damaging psychological effects faced by those dealing with chemical dependency. Gaining a wealth of experience working with youth facing substance abuse, as well as those facing emotional and behavioral challenges. Dr. Beyer saw first hand, the positive results, and benefits that could be achieved by addressing the psychological foundations of the suffering faced by these youths, and their families. This knowledge and experience led him to pursue further education in the field, and in 2000 he received his doctorate in psychology from Walden University in Minneapolis, in clinical psychology.

Dr. Beyer has also worked in a variety of community-based psychologist programs including certified rule 29 programs.

With his significant background in chemical dependency, Dr. Beyer is also an experienced rule 25 assessor for those seeking public assistance for chemical dependency treatment and has worked extensively within the 6th judicial drug court concerning the matter of chemical dependency and forensic psychological evaluations. In his private practice over the last 25 years, Dr. Beyer has gained a deep understanding of the unique issues couples, individuals, and families face in Duluth. Helping them improve personal well being and relationships, through psychology. As a family psychologist, his deep experience with youth and the challenges they face within and without families, throughout his career has provided him with unmatched insights, and understanding of complex family dynamics. This breadth of understanding has helped countless Duluth families facing conflicted situations, and those experiencing the challenges of divorce and co-parenting, achieve greater psychological well being, and more healthful inter & intra-family relationships.

Throughout his professional career, Dr. Beyer has dedicated himself to healing individuals, couples and families through psychology, and helping others do the same as an instructor at both Bemidji State University, the University of Phoenix, and Northwest Technical College. As an APA member psychologist in Duluth for over 25 years, his personal experience is unmatched.